Thursday, April 13, 2006

The incredible story of the Rasta Bunny

where's da bunny?

Ah yes! The weekend approaches and many of the office creatures retreat a day early to celebrate that furry rodent with identity crisis.

Yes boys and girls it's almost Easter and while most people are taking a long weekend off, guess who's still sitting in the office doing the bunnyhop on the keyboard?

Well, I'm just about to shoot actually, but here a short thought:

Now according to a hen that has red earlobes lays brown eggs and a hen that has white earlobes lays white eggs.

I wonder what our favourite easter Bunny looks like...

There's da bunny!


Sefton said...

With rabbits I hear it's based on nipples. If a rabbit has multicolored, spotted, or brightly patterned nipples it lays easter eggs.

Chris Rogers said...

I wonder if my girlfriend is the Easter Bunny... She's got freckles... :)

Anonymous said...

what colour is black green and red mixed together?

Chris Rogers said...

...Egg white.