Saturday, January 24, 2015

I've updated my webpage! Uhm... again... finally?

Oh the bittersweet irony.

So I suppose I should become better at this 21st century "keeping-myself-updated" thing. Here goes nothing. A new site in swishy HTML5, a new showreel soon to come, new(-ish) headshots and this blog post which only took me... ahem... seven years.

I'm on FIRE.

I could have saved myself the embarrassment but I thought some might think it fun to rummage through ancient history. More soon. No, really. I mean it. Uhm... I think.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I've updated my webpage!

Yes, it's been ages but I've updated my main page and hopefully I will start posting again here soon too.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The junction point for the entire space-time continuum... Thursday, Febuary 15th 2007

It seems tomorrow is going to get slightly busier than expected. Besides going to Sandi Thom's gig (as I mentioned below), I've been called in to do a voice over and found out that I've landed a part in a viral for Getty Images which is also shooting tomorrow. To crown things off, the same company is asking me to audition for another project (guess when... that's right, tomorrow) and Siri and I have made plans to meet up for a "Valentine? Bah Humbug" coffee. Awesome.

Might go and ask Doc if I can borrow the DeLorian...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sandi Thom and the Magic 6-Ball...

Hey boys and girls.

Well, while the year is slowly kicking into gear, auditions are starting to come along and the first gigs are coming through, I want to tell you about a little success story of some friends of mine...

Anybody who has been following the charts recently will at some point have stumbled over Sandi Thom and her Janis Joplin-Like (almost-) A Capella single "I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker".

The feisty wee Scottish lass with her beautiful voice (who was in my year at LIPA) really doesn't need any publicity from me. But the fact that she's invited me to come see her gig at Islington Academy on Thursday and that she practically nicked my band deserves a little attention.

Yes it's true, three quarters of "The Magic 8-Ball" are currently the line-up for Sandi Thom. Not that it would be anything unusual. Marcus, Craig and Scotty have always proven themselves musical whores and moreover, a lot of us used to hang out together. I can't wait to hear them again!

If you haven't heard the album yet go and check it out. I like it a lot, and even if you don't: Buy it anyway! It's keeping my boys off the street.

Thanks for the invite Sandi, I'll see you on Thursday...

Friday, January 19, 2007

Gone with the wind...

Well, I was gonna fly to Germany today but thanks to 99mph gale force winds, I spent over three hours on a bus getting to Stansted. They closed down the M11 motorway because apparently 2 trucks got blown over. The following picture served as the backdrop to this tedious story:

I always enjoy the irony of those warning signs...

Of course I arrived 10 minutes after my plane took off and therefore spent another 2 hours in turning around and getting back into London. I did however manage to stay dry. Wonder if this guy did:

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year 2007

Well, after a great Christmas here in Germany I'm looking forward to seeing the taillights of 2006 dwindle into oblivion. I'm spending tonight with a few old-time musician friends (ie my old heavy metal buddies) listening to the loudest music this planet has ever produced and probably demolishing a few kegs of beer. Hell yeah!

I hope all of you have as much fun as I will tonight, I'll see you next year.

Happy New Year.


Footsteps in mud, blood and rain...

The week before I decided to jump back over the pond for a nice cozy Christmas in Germany I figured I oughta do something to get me into the true spirit of the festive season. Together with his fantastic team, director and newfound friend Nic Dawkes invited me to just the thing I was looking for: Trench warfare and the killing of women and children...

No, we did not enlist into the American army and go to Irak. Instead we shot a WWII based shortfilm entitled "Footseps" (the plot of which I won't spoil and will rather direct you to the homepage: ).

I don't want to jinx it, but if the production values are anything to go by I think this will be one hell of a piece of work. Everyone from the DOP to the make-up artists were astonishing in what I struggle to call a low budget production.

The culmination of the project for me was in the last night of shooting. The cast and crew stood side by side till 5 am after the heavens opened and we were up to out ankles in mood and artificial blood.
The carefully planned, perfectly equipped shooting schedule turned into guerrila warfare: Making sure the equipment stayed dry... Make-up artists straddling actors in vans to apply gunshot wounds... Friends of the crew sticking around to help wherever they could... Actors lying half-naked in the middle of a field shivering - no - convulsing with cold before having to play perfectly still corpses... it was great.

One of the corpses remarked jokingly he would kill the next person who said an actors life is glamorous... Well, maybe not glamorous, but a hell of a lotta fun.
Guys if you're reading this: Any time, any place.