Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Chris in the circus of horror plastic critters.

Why do we do it?

I am sitting at a foreign desk at an office I've never been. Typical office boxes, typical patter on keyboards, typical crap coffee. One should think this should be in an efficient, pleasant (-ish) surrounding in order to slave away for the greater good of rich men's pocketbooks, but no!

I find myself surrounded by no less than 3 rubber ducks, a see-through box of eight rose shaped soaps, 12 baby pictures, three stress balls, 4 (!) Calendars, a card with Garfield on it saying "I'm allergic to mornings", 2 plastic drinking bottles, a rubber band in the shape of a Giraffe, a box of fruit tee, a plastic cut-out of 'Angelica' from Rugrats, and finally a 12 inch mahogany deep set frame showing a black and white foto of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

Now, I understand a certain amount of parafinalia defining a persons personal space and character but honestly... My question is this:

What could possibly make us humans believe we need all this shit around us?

Why would any human with usually a grand total of two hands have THREE stress balls? What are you gonna do with it? (Don't answer. ...or actually do answer!)

What possible purpose can a rubber duck have in an office surrounding? The chances of it seeing water here are directly proportional to it falling in your coffee cup!

And please: For what reason would anyone have 4 calendars??? Well I'm gonna do some stretching I've got a new instructor who believes I can loose the stress balls...


Sefton said...

The things you own end up owning you.

-Tyler Durden

Pleitegeiger said...

Wait until tomorrow. I guess they float the office fridays at 3 pm. Then you'll need the rubber ducks and the soap.

Ever took a look under your chair? There might be a life vest...

Chris Rogers said...

Aehm... Just bent down and had a look under my chair...

Unfortunately no life vest. However, I realised I had a rather intriguing angle on a girl sitting next to me in a mini skirt.

Slightly embarrassed I came back up for air (so to speak).

...and now she keeps smiling at me all the time. *groan*