Monday, April 03, 2006

A blog is born! ...and damn it's ugly.


Who the hell am I saying hello to? As I'm writing this nobody knows this blog exists!

Well, this immediately proves the absolute nonsense of what I'm doing.

Amidst the millions of bytes of useless information on the internet I decide to be an "individual" and smear what is effectively my mental diarrhea onto the growing web of crap information.

However: You are currently reading this.

It means you've either stumbled onto this blog or have chosen (!) to come here which means in any case I have no choice but to welcome you heartily! ( my personal information toilet bowl.)

For what it's worth, I will try to keep it squeaky clean and smelling nice. (Just remember to wash your hands...)

As for the rest: No guarantees. Anything might come out. And anyone may come in.

So what are my thoughts of the day?

Well, I've just contemplated the time spent on office toilets. Today I managed to spend 15 minutes on "the John".

That is about £2.37 of my meager wage.

Multiplied by the 50 people that are working on this floor in the office (and that's putting everyone on temp job wages!) that's £118.5.

Multiplied by the 6 complexes with 8 floors each, it means that this company is litterally flushing £5688 per day down the shitter...

In this respect I must say my little blog can stand proud amidst all this waste (and I can proclaim happily: I've just written this on company time!)

PS: The reason I reflect on this subject matter is this visual template. Who the hell designs these things, and why does nobody tell him he's colour blind???

Well, tell me your opinions, and please: No toilet humour.


Craig said...

Hello Chris
It's my pleasure to be the first to leave a comment.

I like your sentiment and respect your obvious financial skills.

Just a note to wish you well with your blogging. It can be a nice way to keep yourself occupied while you are stuck at a mindless job.

If you are ever interested in writing in a group pay a visit to Wrongtown! and see what you think.

(and contrary to what you are thinking this is not spam - I just fancied your entry as a like minded soul.


Chris Rogers said...

Wow! Hello Craig!

Thank you so much for your entry!

I haven't told anyone this blog exists yet, so this has certainly just upped my opinion of blogging.

I'll definately come check out your group.

Pleitegeiger said...

Haha. Ich hab Dich also angesteckt? *g* Netter Post für den Anfang... und gut zu wissen, daß sich nichts geändert hat - und Du immer noch die Hälfte des Tages auf der Schüssel sitzt... und die andere Hälfte verschläfst.

Und: Templates kann man selbst bearbeiten - oder eins der vorgefertigten anderen nehmen. Jawollja. Dazu sind sie nämlich da...

Chris Rogers said...

Aaaahh, ze Ex-Girfriend speakz in ze foreign lankwitch.

Come on all you Germans! I know you've all had sufficient English skills to help the poor challenged bastards in less intellectually developed countries!

(Before I hear an uproar from all the Brits, etc. this method is called Pampering Ze Ego...)

But yes my dear this blog is your fault so any complaits please to Nicole!

Pleitegeiger said...

I knew you'd answer like that...

But hey! In English, my tongue is not half as sharp as it is in German. So you really cut me off in forcing me to blog in English... That ain't fair!!

Plus: I make way too many mistakes...

Chris Rogers said...

Believe me: Half as sharp is still surgical steel. ;)

And you don't make half as many mistakes as the English would writing German...

Pleitegeiger said...

But very sharp surgical steel would be even better... ;-)